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In front of Kyoto Station Matsumoto-Ryokan

Welcom to Matsumoto-Ryokan in front of JR Kyoto Station

JR Kyoto Station

Welcome!, to Kyoto

Our hotel is a Japanese-style hotel facing JR Kyoto Station.

It is very convenitent for getting on and off of the bus, taxi and sightseeing bus for the sightseeng to the temples and shrines.


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Choozubachi | Matsumoto-Ryokan

Kyoto the beauty of the changing seasons is always on display. Matsumoto-Ryokan is the perfect place to sightseeing the city and enjoying a traditional Japanese culture. We are looking forward to your visit.


Online Reservation
Matsumoto Ryokan
Higashishiokouji-cho 579, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city,
Kyoto, Japan

TEL: 075-371-2622
(from overseas: +81-75-371-2622)
FAX: 075-371-2250
(from overseas: +81-75-371-2250)

check in: 16:00
check out: 10:00
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